Friday, 27 September 2013

Lindt Lindor - Coconut (Limited Edition)

I first heard about Lindor Coconut earlier this year but for some reason they’ve eluded me until now.  Imagine my excitement when I happened across them in Sainsburys.  And they had a third off!  Chocolate that’s been reduced!  Is there any greater thing in life?
I have to admit I’m a huge coconut fan and one of my favourite brands of chocolate is Lindt so I had high hopes for these new (ish) little truffle balls.  I’m yet to stumble across a Lindt Lindor I don’t like if I’m being honest.  I adore the original milk chocolate ones and had a fondness for the mint in dark chocolate version, though correct me if I’m wrong, I believe they’ve been discontinued.  Oh, it was a sad day when my local Whittard’s stopped stocking them.  I used to love the fact you could pick and mix individual balls of Lindor, do they still do that?

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.  Aren't they pretty?
As ever, the balls are individually wrapped and have a luxurious quality about them, there’s something ever so decadent about Swiss Lindt chocolate. 
The chocolate coating is as gorgeous and generous as ever and the coconut interior is incredibly creamy and sweet.  I like them, I really do, but they don’t quite match up to some of their other offerings in my opinion though I can’t put my finger on why this is. Apologies!  I think it’s partly because the truffle in these is akin to a coconut flavoured white chocolate.  I’m not really a fan of white chocolate as I find it overly sweet (picky little taste buds).  Maybe they would have worked well with a dark chocolate shell to balance out the sweetness?  Still, the combination of some of the nicest chocolate I’ve ever tasted and smooth, creamy coconut works well and I polished off my share of the box pretty quickly (share being 3:1 in my favour) Would I eat them again?  Sure, without a doubt, but would I go out of my way to buy them?  No, probably not.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Haribo Mice

Another Haribo product I couldn’t resist!  This time, it’s the turn of Haribo Mice.  Look how adorable these little guys are...

I originally picked these up as they looked rather ‘marshmallowy’ and I’d hoped that the white mice might taste like milk bottles or vanilla.  In actual fact I can’t actually tell you exactly what the flavour is supposed to be, only that they are very, very sweet.  The pink and white mice tasted rather similar and a little more artificial than I’d anticipated - great for kids I imagine but I felt a little let down.  To be fair, I partly blame myself as I had built them up in my own head. 
The consistency is a little hard to describe, they’re a hybrid of gum and mallow, they’re definitely chewy!
They’re a good fun, novelty snack and if you like really sweet treats you’re on to a winner!  Plus they’re really rather cute.
I picked this bag up in Poundland for – you’ve guessed it - £1.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Stone's Ginger Joe


I’m not a huge drinker; I drink but I have one of the most delicate constitutions in history.  Ginger, apparently, settles the stomach so if I fancy a tipple I’ll often turn to ginger beer!
As appealing as they seem, I've always struggled to drink lager and cider (though I do enjoy the variety of fruit flavoured options on the market) so have welcomed the recent wave of alcoholic ginger beer.  For some reason ginger beer doesn’t upset me too much so I’m delighted.

I discovered Stone’s Ginger Joe during the summer of 2012 and instantly fell in love.  It was a hot day and I’ve always enjoyed the taste of ginger so I decided to give it a try. And WOW.  The bottle is quirky, if not a little manly; it has an orange moustache on the front and describes itself as being refreshingly feisty.  A pretty good description I’d say!
I like it on ice, though my partner drinks it straight from the bottle.  Either way, it’s a lovely spicy, refreshing drink on a hot day with that little bit of a kick you’d expect from ginger. It’s not too big, not too small, it’s just right.
I’ve managed to get most of my friends and family addicted too so I am probably deserving of some commission but hey, it’s ok, I’ll let it go as long as they keep producing one of my favourite summer drinks.
Since then I’ve tried lots of other ginger beers on the market but Ginger Joe will always have a special place in my heart.
A 330ml bottle contains 4% vol and can be found in most supermarkets for about £1.50.
Check out their website to learn a bit more about Ginger Joe and to read an entertaining little story about the ginger moustached Joseph Stone, the inspiration behind the drink.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Metcalfe's Skinny Topcorn - Sweet Cinnamon Spice


Ah ha, what a find!  An actually rather generous portion of popcorn in a snack sized bag at just 117 calories in total?  This stuff must be pretty flavourless right?  Wrong!  It’s pretty lovely stuff actually.

I’m rather enjoying this recent popcorn craze lately.  Once upon a time you could only buy salty, sweet or buttered.  Nowadays you can get a vast variety of different flavours and Metcalfe’s Topcorn is one of the leaders of the pack.

The cinnamon in this pack wasn’t too overpowering and much of the corn had a very slight little sugared glaze.  It certainly satisfied my craving for something sweet and went down very well with a cuppa.  I don’t think there was a single unpopped kernel in the entire pack either! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for it again.

I haven’t found this flavour in many shops in my local city of Bristol, but managed to pick this up in Portishead’s Waitrose for around 79p.  You can often pick up Metcalfe’s Topcorn in Primark and Pret  A Manger too.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Haribo Pandas

Seriously, how could I not pick up these little guys?  Too cute!
I admit I have never quite grown out of my Haribo addiction and have no intention in doing so either. 
I was drawn to these upon a recent trip to the supermarket and quickly opened them when I got home.  The gummy panda head is vanilla flavoured and the body is blueberry.  It's the perfect combo in my mind; the sweet and the sour balance each other out very well.  Whilst they might be too sweet for some I found them incredibly moreish, in fact I rather liked to eat the head and body separately, I love the vanilla flavouring and rather enjoyed the tang of the squishy body!
I'm sure they would be even more appealing to children, and I'm even more certain I'll be picking up some more of these adorable sweets when I next see them.
I found this pack in our local Asda for the bargain price of £1.