Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Nivea Lip Butter – Raspberry Rose

Now, I should probably admit to being somewhat of a lip balm/butter/salve addict.  I cannot get enough of them.  So when I found out Nivea was bringing out not one but two of my favourite scents in one single pot, I rushed down to my local pharmacy to check it out.  The moment I tore off the lid I wasn’t disappointed, the smell was just divine.  Straight away it reminded me of something from my childhood and a little while later, it hit me - Jammie Dodgers!  The aroma is exactly like the jam from Jammie Dodgers (the little shortbread biscuit with the heart in the middle filled with raspberry jam - most children's go-to biscuit here in the UK, at least back in my day anyway).  No wonder I fell in love immediately.
Whilst the smell is incredible, I have to be honest, the actual butter isn’t totally up my street; it’s a little bit too waxy for me and leaves an unusual, pale film on your lips. This can be seen as a pro or con depending on your frame of mind.  The butter itself does feel pretty hydrating though, containing both shea butter and almond oil. The tin is really cute and a great size to fit in your handbag or pocket.

Nivea also offer Original, Caramel Cream, and Vanilla and Macadamia in the same range.  Personally the latter two smelt a little bit too sickly for me but, then again, I am more of a fruity fiend! If you like sweet things you'll love those.

All in all I’d recommend trying this for the smell alone and maybe using it as a lip balm before bed if you’re not too keen on the milky film. They’re not too pricey either; my pot cost around £2 which is around the same price as a tin of Vaseline.
You can check out the full range here http://www.nivea.co.uk/products/lip-care/lip-butters

Friday, 16 August 2013

Yoplait Perle de Lait - Exotic Coconut dairy dessert


Ok, I’m in love and I have been for a while now.  These are the best yoghurts or 'dairy desserts' or even 'yogurts' I've ever tasted (I've noticed the UK seems to be increasingly adopting the American spelling of the word).  They have more calories than I'd generally prefer in a yoghurt but wow, they’re the tastiest things I’ve ever eaten.  No lie.

So it only seemed fair that they’d be my first review.  I discovered these desserts about a year ago and barely a month has gone by where they haven’t been a staple in my fridge.  I used to be a fat free yoghurt obsessive but the artificial flavours don’t quite hit the mark a lot of the time and can often feel like they’re trying too hard. Still, these desserts only have 174 calories in a single 125g pot so that's better than most chocolate bars. At least that’s what I tell myself as I dig into a second!

They’re all gorgeous and moreish (Yoplait offers us lemon, raspberry, peach and vanilla too) but my absolute favourite flavour has to be the coconut ones.  I’ve always been a bit of a coconut fiend and have been seeking out a decent coconut dessert for years now.  They are ridiculously creamy and there are little bits of desiccated coconut distributed throughout. 

They are much more indulgent than your run of the mill yoghurt and equally as satisfying as ice cream (no surprise when you consider one of their primary ingredients is indeed cream).  And, believe me, that’s a huge statement to make.

Go on, treat yourself to a pot or several!

*Please excuse the terribly wonky and old photograph.